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When the Bubble Bursts - the Magnesium Remedies under Duress

As the pandemic persists in casting its long shadow on the health of different populations, I have observed that the emotional burden on individuals is starting to burst at the seams.

According to Emeran Mayer, MD in his book - ‘The Mind-Gut Connection’ (1), many brain disorders, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, autism and most probably IBS (yes - he classes this as a brain disorder), are now considered neurodevelopmental disorders, meaning that the basic brain changes start very early in life, many of them in utero, lasting up to twenty years. In 2014, brain researchers in Canada reported that gut microbes themselves produce neurotransmitters that could change emotional behaviour through their action on the vagus nerve where there is a rich supply of oxytocin receptors. (2)

These insights are a reminder to homeopaths, how the early years are so vital for treatment and reinforces the concept that treating the potential parents before conception is the best way to clear the slate.

The window for trauma is therefore set in place during the formative years, only to be compounded when extraneous stresses arise and particularly when they persist over an unpredictable extended period of time, as witnessed during these unprecedented times. The effect of this is compounded once the rather shaky foundation has been laid in this way.

Magnesium forms a family of constitutional remedies which covers not only the affected microbiome, but the strong emotions involved.It is as if the person needing one of these remedies cannot digest the onslaught of distressing messages any longer. Their cup runneth over!

There is a dream in the provings of the three major Magnesium remedies, Magnesium Carbonica, Magnesium Muriaticum, and Magnesium Sulphuricum, which reveals the unconscious state of the patient needing one of these remedies: it is found in the rubric ‘dream, forest, of a, going astray, in a’. This dream conveys the essence of the Magnesium remedies, feeling abandoned in a dark place - a feeling which is key to the patient’s general state. The sense of abandonment goes to their core and often originated in the primal years of the life of the patient. See rubric:- ‘abandoned, forsaken feelings’. (3)

An important rubric that features Magnesium Carbonica and Magnesium Muriaticum is ‘deception, ailments from friendship deceived’. A seminal book on this subject by John Bradshaw about the toxic legacy of family secrets awoke me to the burden of this type of baggage. (4) At this time when there is much anger in the ‘ether’, Magnesium Muriaticum could be considered alongside Staphysagria as the main remedy for suppression of anger - Staphysagria is not the only remedy. Other triggers include fear, fright, and grief. As a result of these deep primal imprints, the patient does not thrive. The gut becomes impaired due to the lack of serotonin it creates as a result and poor assimilation ensues.

On a physical level, China Officianalis can be compared to Magnesium Carbonica: the former is to loss of fluids, what the latter is to exhausted nerves (which certainly prevail in this post-pandemic age). (5) This Magnesium remedy specifically encompasses nervous strain from mental shock which is often an overlooked feature of this remedy.

When there has been a rupture rooted in emotional neglect within the mother’s history, then Magnesium Muriaticum can act more radically to support early bonding with a newborn baby. This coupled with the enforced isolation experienced at this time of vulnerability reinforces the pointer to this particular remedy. Currently, new mothers often express a great feeling of betrayal, being left to their own devices at such a critical time in their need. Sepia is often given routinely for this symptom but it could easily be a signal for Mag. Mur., reaching back in time to help the mother with the source of the issue, as well as reconciling the child’s neediness. The missing factor of transgenerational trauma can often play out in new mothers, as well as fathers.

Due to lockdown restrictions, early parenthood is an increasingly isolating experience, not only dating back into the pregnancy, but also into the early life of the child. Stemming future issues for the child by treating the parents ideally before conception will offer resilience, not only to them, but the growing child at this time of challenge. An extra advantage is that ‘States on the Spectrum’ can be avoided from developing in the offspring. Otherwise, they can so easily slip in during such times of deprivation and isolation as we are currently witnessing in our unfolding history. Homeopathy is a rare form of healing which can look back and reconcile events from the past: at the same time, it can look forward and optimise in this way, the benefit passing through the generations accordingly.

A family’s story of three members from two different generations requiring different Magnesium remedies was first published in my article entitled ‘The Missing Equation: Transgenerational Trauma’. (6)


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