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A Roadmap to Resilience

Updated: May 17, 2022

Two years after the start of a global pandemic, it is as if the rhetoric has altered and there is little going back with all that has happened. In fact, a recent article I read resonated with me on this level - its title is ‘What You’re Feeling Isn’t a Vibe Shift - Its Permanent Change’ (1). It is as if a treacherous boundary has been crossed and cannot be reversed. The first sentence mentions having ‘arrived at the mouth of the volcano’ and goes on to state that ‘we find ourselves at a crossroads at every level of our lives’.

Such language smacks of fragmentation and leads one to match it (as it now stands) to the fourteenth stage of breakdown of the periodic table. In the Lanthanides series, the remedy - Erbium Metallicum - sits at that trajectory with its level of disengagement and detachment. The patient needing this remedy has given up the fight - until recently, they could retain a semblance of normality with the level of control they felt they could exert. Without the ability to incur any change at this stage of breakdown, they feel the burden of the global issues on their shoulders and carry them on their own. They may hide behind alcohol or pleasure drugs (like remedies such as Medorrhinum and Mercurius Vivus) to numb out the overwhelming feelings such as the current scenario now holds. The Lanthanides series of remedies which has been exposed by Jan Scholten (2) is all about the loss of freedom which so many of us are currently feeling today.

It is now the drumbeat of war which looms on the not so distant horizon. It is as if one calamity is being replaced by another and one this time with possibly unforeseeably more dangerous and even more dire consequences than the pandemic itself. The wheels of motion based in derision, division and contempt have taken over and set the tone for any interactions which now ensue on a general level.

Duality has become the language of choice more than ever in our history and the rift in differing viewpoints is markedly affecting not only the individual psyche, but - even more recognizably - the collective one. The very question of freedom of speech - in whatever language - is questionable. A new roadmap needs to be created where safety in one’s own skin (and moreover one’s own voice) is the order of the day. This is essential whatever is being stirred up by the ‘perfect storm’ which is still brewing.

That roadmap may well be contained within the remedies of the periodic table. Already, the articles I have written since the outbreak of the pandemic have covered a fair amount of these remedies (Bismuthum Subnitricum, Boron Metallicum, Cuprum Metallicum, Germanium Metallicum, Plutonium Nitricum, Uranium Metallicum, and Vanadium Metallicum) (3). I can only perceive many more of these remedies will still be required as the effects of the global pandemic and now war in Europe continue to seep through in this increasingly destructive way.

  1. Abdelmahmoud, Elamin, 16.3.22., What You’re Feeling Isn’t a Vibe Shift - it's Permanent Change’.

  2. Scholten, Jan, 2005, Secret Lanthanides, Stichtung Alonnissos.


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