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Uranium Nitricum - a remedy for troubled times

As the news about Covid-19 recedes in the headlines and the devastation of a new war arrives on our screens, my thoughts turn to different remedies to match the corresponding fallout.

I came across a book recently entitled ‘Seven Elements that Have Changed the World’. These, according to the author, include Carbon, Gold, Iron, Silicon, Silver, Titanium, and Uranium. (1) I was particularly drawn to the entry about the latter element - Uranium - in light of the severe challenges which are currently presenting on the world stage so distressingly.

It was in 1945 that the atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima and seventy thousand people died as a direct result. The survivors could never forget the images they saw that day. No one knew at the time what the health effects of an atomic bomb would be or the resulting fear that would persist in the aftermath. Physically, these included:-

  • Purple spots on the skin,

  • nausea,

  • bloody diarrhoea,

  • fever,

  • weakness.

This most vividly reminds us that our use of the elements holds the potential for great evil as well as great good. The atomic bomb harnessed the incomparable energy of uranium which changed the world forever. By unleashing the first nuclear reaction, the primordial energy source of the universe was tapped into.

For centuries, Uranium was discarded as waste, but at the turn of the twentieth century, it became an ore of great scientific interest. It was in fact from uranium salts in 1896 that Henri Becquerel discovered natural radiation. His wife, Marie Curie went on to discover two more radioactive elements - Polonium and Radium - both equally destructive and also appearing on the Periodic Table of Elements. (2) In fact, Marie Curie unwittingly succumbed to the poisoning effects of her very own discovery.

As a homeopathic remedy, Uranium Nitricum is mainly associated with the treatment of diabetes - both insipidus and mellitus, as well as related disease conditions, many of them coincidentally predisposing the sufferer to not only Covid-19, but also ‘long Covid’. These include:-

  • Nephritis,

  • degeneration of the liver,

  • high blood pressure,

  • dropsy.

  • Its keynotes cover:-

  • Ascites,

  • debility,

  • emaciation.

It belongs to the chromium group of remedies, Chromium being an element associated with the balancing of blood sugar levels. As such, Uranium Nitricum addresses glycosuria and increased urine. Thirst and appetite are increased in the patient needing this remedy and night time sleep can be affected.

The stomach can be burning, as can the urethra, while impotency can often be a concomitant to the latter. Faintness can be felt in the stomach, especially after a hearty meal with putrid belchings. Burning pain in the pyloric region is a possible feature. The humour is low with a feeling of depression accompanied by a feeling of unwellness lasting all day, as well as possible vertigo.

Lower potencies work well with the weak and debilitated state of the patient.

China and Phosphoric Acid may have been given in such states without any reaction till Uranium Nitricum is given. (3)

The pathological symptoms which can feature on a physical level include:-

  • Affections of the bone marrow,

  • AIDS,

  • cancer,

  • genetic diseases,

  • leukaemia,

  • virus infections.

Uranium is converted into plutonium when it radiates neutrons released from nuclear fission effects taking place within the reactor.

Plutonium Nitricum is one of the three remedies I defined in my article published at the end of 2021 in summary of the long-standing effects of Covid-19 restrictions which had accumulated by then. This focused particularly on the nihilistic outlook which was likely to manifest in the sufferer as a result. (4) This has now been compounded by the news of war breaking out in Europe which has subsequently eclipsed that of Covid-19, not to mention the deepening impacts felt around the world from the climate change crisis.

It seems the collective psyche is again being exposed to untold uncertainty and suffering. This confirms the concept that, along with the cumulative effects of the pandemic, lesser known remedies are now coming to the fore - particularly those derived from the periodic table and especially those based on radioactive components. These remedies match the unprecedented and deeply destructive circumstances we are currently witnessing and experiencing in an ongoing and relentless manner. In order to break the cycle of these strongly affecting maintaining causes, deep-acting remedies need to be given. This is in order to cover all the degrees of breakdown now surfacing beyond the general repertoire of remedies which have until now been included in our available armamentarium.


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