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Paperback £20.00

271 pages

Publisher: Fundamental

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-3999-7662-6

It is nearly seven years since Elizabeth's book - 'Touching Base with Trauma:- Reaching Across the Generations - a Three-Dimensional Homeopathic Perspective' was published.

This has transpired to be a seminal contribution on the subject of trauma. Its release has been very timely with the current increased awareness of the rise in both naturally de-stabilising events as well as conflicts around the world which are occurring today. 


Now, Elizabeth has combined with her long-standing colleague and friend, Nigel Hargreaves, who is, as well as an experienced homeopath, an expert on climate change. We decided to join our efforts in putting forward a sustainable approach to health. This was based on our understanding of the different challenges of our rapidly changing world today compared with those at the time homeopathy was first discovered. Our basic message is that the fundamental principles still apply within this approach.


Together, we have delineated in the text  the difference between trauma (the early wound) and traumatisation  (which we believe taps into the original wound). Adopting this awareness with their patients,  the authors have discovered, awakens the often unhealed parts which are crying out for help. It also contributes to the building of the much needed resilience to resist the perpetual pressures of today's world.

Paperback £14.99

Hardback £19.99

Kindle edition £8.69

240 pages

Publisher: Elizabeth Adalian Publishing

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-9955748-1-6

Why do we express personal patterns that persist and characterise us throughout our lives?

What impact do early influences have on the disease and suffering that we become susceptible to and seem unable to escape in our individual life journeys?

How can homeopathy help to resolve cases that seem to be stuck in, or repeat, certain self-defeating patterns?

Insights into these questions and many others are shared by the author, Elizabeth Adalian, in the recognition that the underpinning of a case is often not sufficiently understood to unlock the patient from the dominant patterns of disease.

The importance of early life occurrences in moulding the brain structures is extensively explored in this text as well as the traumatic experiences of previous generations that have been passed down through the ancestral line. The author conveys this approach to healing to a wider audience in order to place homeopathic treatment on the map to address trauma, in addition to describing how it can be adapted retrospectively.

This book will be of interest to complementary therapists and homeopaths alike as well as individuals interested in exploring and healing their own life trauma.

Based on research in related fields such as anthropology, epigenetics, literature, neuroscience, philosophy and psychotherapy, the findings are substantiated way beyond the homeopathic lens. In this process, cutting-edge ideas are incorporated in line with current thinking to support healing at core level for the types of disease conditions presenting today in practice.

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