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Teaching Homeopathy in Italy and France

Last month, I was invited by Walter Ruta, the principal of Pramiti Yoga School in Ventimiglia, Italy, to teach homeopathy at an 8 day yoga retreat in the hills above the town at what felt like a sanctuary (called San Giovanni). I was to teach for four hours a day to a group of thirty yoga devotees (from four different countries) who were eager to learn about homeopathy.

I set out to devise a programme for the event and, with the very proficient support of the translator, Sarah Giormoleo, was able to deliver the contents to what turned out to be, not only a very eager, but also receptive group.

The subject matters concerned were:-

  • Definition of Health. This was expanded beyond the concept of merely the absence of disease.

  • Definition of Susceptibility. This was explained as a 'void' in the individual due to 'constitutional weakness'.

  • Definition of The Centre of the Case. This was contextualised according to 'the hierarchy of symptoms' - a fundamental theory in homeopathy.

  • Definition of a Miasm. Consideration was made as to how 'epigenetics' influence the subject.

  • Definition of Obstacles to Cure. Explanation of how often these are removed by the patient once they start to respond to treatment.

  • Definition of The Vital Force. Offering insights how this relates to the more recently discovered 'Polyvagal Theory'.

  • The Significance of the Microbiome and its link with the immune system. Regarding the microbiome as the 'second brain' and how this affects the analysis of the case.

  • Suggested homeopathic remedies for acute illnesses and accidents. Covering ten remedies with such a background.

  • Trauma perceived as the 'primal injury'. Looking at the early life influences in each case.

  • The Periodic Table of Elements through the prism of homeopathy. Demonstrating how these remedies are so topical for today's world.

  • The significance of Strange, Rare and Peculiar symptoms. Highlighting a specific aspect of homeopathic philosophy.

  • The Shared Fundamental Principles of Homeopathy and Yoga. This is to be written up as a full article at a later date with many contributions from the group.

After a few days of recovery, I was invited to join Dr. Didier Grandgeorge at an evening seminar he was conducting in Frejus just across the border in France. At this event, I spoke about the gestational period of pregnancy and its significance in addressing language delay in infants as well as 'States on the Spectrum'.

The feedback from Walter Ruta was the following:-

'Since last October when we tried to build up this event, everything was of such great

interest and deep value for all of us. I really hope the future will reserve for us such a gift made of knowledge, human kindness and deep trust on the path of life'.

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