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My new book is published!

It is nearly seven years since my book 'Touching Base with Trauma: Reaching Across the Generations - a Three-Dimensional Homeopathic Perspective' was published. This has transpired to be a seminal contribution on the subject of trauma. Its release  has been very timely with the current increased awareness of the rise in both naturally de-stabilising events as well as conflicts around the world which are occurring today. For my latest book, I have a co-author, my long-standing colleague and friend, Nigel Hargreaves, who is, as well as an experienced homeopath, an engineer and expert in climate change.

We decided to join our efforts in putting forward a sustainable approach to health in the face of a rapidly changing world unprecedented in human history. It is based on what we both understood of the different challenges people now face compared with those at the time homeopathy was first discovered. The basic message of the text is that the fundamental principles still apply within this approach but the lens through which they are applied needs re-focussing to contemporary times.

Distinction is made between 'trauma' (the early wound laid out in my original book) and 'traumatisation' (which the joint authors believe tap into the original wound).  Adopting this awareness with patients, it has been discovered, awakens the often unhealed parts which are crying out for help. It also contributes to the building of the much needed resilience to resist the perpetual pressures of today's world. 

The book is available to purchase through Amazon in a number of countries. For the UK, please use the button below for direction to Amazon.UK

Nigel and I both hope you will find our new work a valuable complement to your homeopathic practice but that it may also be of interest to a wider audience.

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