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Boron Metallicum - a Fourth Remedy from the Periodic Table for the Time of Covid

When coming across research that Boron - the essential trace mineral - has the potential to detox fluoride from the human body, I immediately sat up and took notice. (1)

This was because I had recently discovered that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland more than any of the other trace elements such as bromine, chlorine, or mercury for that matter. This calcification over time leads to cognitive decline and can lead in the ultimate stage to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. It affects circadian rhythms, hormone imbalances, lower back pain, insomnia, bipolar disease and hypothyroidism. (2)

Since that time, I came across a recent article by Philippe Grandjean (3), in which it is reported that 75-90% of ingested fluoride is absorbed and readily distributed throughout the body with approximately 99% of retained fluoride being bound to calcium-rich tissues such as bone and teeth, as well as the calcified parts of the pineal gland. In the same article, the author writes that IQ deficits as a result of fluoride ingestion arise during early development and by the time children start school their performance is markedly affected. This illustrates to me that Alzheimer’s disease may be laid down in early childhood due to this contributing factor, among others.

On considering the long-term drive to fluoridate the water supply and the inclusion of fluoride in many commercial toothpastes, as well as in many medicinal drugs on the market, I reflected on the parallel upsurge in Alzheimer’s cases, not only in the UK, but also in the wider world today.

The erosion of the pineal gland can affect the secretion of melatonin which drives sleep quality and plasticity between the brain structures. (4) It is known that insomnia can often herald cognitive decline and at this time of the pandemic, it is inevitable that this has become of growing concern. Melatonin can counter inflammation, enhance memory function and protect against stress as a free radical scavenger.

Fluoride, unlike many other foreign substances, can cross the blood-brain barrier - causing it to accumulate in the brain and cause widespread damage. It acts on the central nervous system and can damage the hippocampus - the brain structure responsible for learning and memory - causing neurons to degenerate in the process.

Boron Metallicum, as a homeopathic remedy was brought to the attention of the homeopathic community through the work of Jan Scholten and his perspective on the plotting of remedies on the Periodic Table. (5)

He places it at stage 3 which is primarily linked to:-




Lack of commitment

Easily under-estimates him/herself

This is related to the Carbon series which is related to:-

The individual





According to this framework, Boron Metallicum could not only act on a presenting symptom such as osteoporosis for example, but also at the same time the decalcification of the pineal gland which is the very underpinning disturbance which needs to be addressed. Thus, the disease could be stemmed in its trajectory and, at the same time, be protected from the later onset of Alzheimer’s disease by the same token. This is quite startling to realise and corroborates how homeopathy can not only reconcile issues from the past but project into the future to stem the onset of even more destructive ones.

I have seen this remedy come to the fore since the outbreak of the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. Re-emerging into the new socially-distanced world which awaits can affect the confidence of the individual who has so unnaturally been isolated for so long and deprived of their rights of passage.

Boron Metallicum is one of the remedies I have examined in this context (alongside Ambra Grisea in that particular exploration) in my earlier blog - ‘Emerging from Captivity - Ambra Grisea and Boron Metallicum’. (6) Also, Covid-19 can affect the cognition as a result of its longer-term damage. This will only increase the toll on the numbers of sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease as time goes by.

It could be considered that Boron Metallicum as a remedy relates to States on the Spectrum right through from autism to Alzheimer’s disease with its degree of recalcitrance which remains uppermost in its picture.

In my book ‘Touching Base with Trauma…’, I discuss the range of States on the Spectrum carrying right through to Alzheimer’s disease. I perceive its roots run deep into the past of the patient and their ancestors. Even the same patient could have passed through other Spectral States before arriving at this end stage manifestation. (7)

My conclusion is that, as much as the optimum health of the microbiome plays a vital role, so too does this apply to the pineal gland. Taking this insight on board is in the quest to enable the Alzheimer’s sufferer to not only potentially recover their cognitive function, but at the same time to thrive, shedding all the constraints of this disease. A multi-pronged approach may be the way forward as more research comes to light on the growing phenomenon of Alzheimer’s disease. My aim is to translate this into our homeopathic understanding along the way.


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