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TRAUMA - Eight Salient Factors

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

On Sunday, 24th June, I was delighted to be invited by Nimisha Parekh of Narayani Remedies to give a day seminar at Birkbeck College in London based on my book 'Touching Base with Trauma: Reaching Across the Generations - a Three-Dimensional Homeopathic Perspective'. The feedback has been very encouraging and the depth of interest shown reinforces the need for the spread of this type of work.

There is hardly a day that passes without the mention of the word 'trauma' in the media and among interpersonal conversations. In fact, only today - the 28th June, there was an article in the Guardian (Review Section) entitled 'I was in chains - now I've broken free' based on the legacy of child sexual abuse and the work of The Truth Project. One survivor in their report is quoted as saying It's like pebbles thrown into a pond; the ripples keep on getting bigger. 85% had mental health problems in later life, including depression and anxiety, while almost half struggled with education or getting a job. 40% had difficulty in relationships, with some avoiding sexual intimacy altogether, while others had multiple sexual partners, some suffered difficulty eating or sleeping, were dependent on alcohol, or were drawn into crime. 50% had tried to kill themselves.

Other research has shown survivors are at greater risk of illness, including heart disease and cancer, with years of chronic stress taking a physical toll on their bodies. Bryony Farrant, the chief psychologist from the WHO inquiry into child abuse is quoted as saying the brain is far more plastic than we've previously understood, which means there are far more opportunities for people to repair some of the impacts from childhood trauma. I believe that homeopathy can provide one of these opportunities to work retrospectively with such victims, not only enhancing their resilience but also supporting the repair of the brain structures which have become damaged as a result of the trauma.

At the seminar, I discussed Eight Salient Factors for Trauma which I share here:

1) The hypothalmic, pituitary, adrenal axis is calibrated at birth. This means the TRAUMA RESPONSE is set in place from that time onwards.

2) With this PERSONAL ENCODEMENT, the different brain structures are adversely affected in their later development.

3) If TRAUMA occurs before a child becomes articulate, this means it has a more severe effect on them than if there is a vocal outlet for the suffering.

4) If an atrocity is perpetuated intentionally against someone, this has a much worse effect than otherwise. The more it is repeated, the deeper the wound and the arresting of development.

5) Behind the miasm lies the UNEXPRESSED TRAUMA from past generations. This is often contained in the UNCONSCIOUS MESSAGES passed down in this way.

6) STATES ON THE SPECTRUM often originate in PAST TRAUMA although, equally, drug layers, toxic overload and vaccination all can play a role. In order for the latter three to take hold, the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER must be impaired. This is where the MICROBIOME comes into play.

7) Take an illness like anorexia, it could be that an ancestor died in the World War Two Dutch famine. The message is one of starvation. Equally, in bulimia, an ancestor may have been on the run and was forced to steal food for survival and eat in secret.

8) If memory is laid down by the age of seven, unless we can explore childhood with our elderly patients, we need to rely on others' input to access this history. In Alzheimer's, observation is the key to differentiate between the various remedies which could be indicated for this condition. Often, there is a drug layer which needs removing to see a clearer picture.

I look forward to expanding on this work and reaching a wider audience to share it with. Do get in touch if you would like to know more.


'I Was in Chains - Now I've Broken Free' - child sexual abuse is frighteningly common and hugely damaging. The Truth Project collects survivors' stories - and reveals what is needed to heal'. Gaby Hinsliff. G2, Thursday, 28.6.18.

'Touching Base with Trauma: Reaching Across the Generations - a Three-Dimensional Homeopathic Perspective'. Elizabeth Adalian. Writersworld. March 2017.

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