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The Life-Enhancing Properties of the Common and Garden Cherry Laurel

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

When considering the trauma of reduced oxygen supply at birth, the routine homeopathic prescription is often Carbo Vegetabilis - known as the 'corpse reviver' - and it often has a very effective immediate response. (It is derived from vegetable charcoal.) However, I have discovered there is another remedy - LAUROCERASUS OFFICIANALIS - which works in a similar way with this presenting symptom. However, I find it works much more effectively into the organism to protect it from resulting long-term damage on all levels of health. (It is derived from cherry laurel - a common plant to be found in many gardens both in this country and Europe).

Both Carbo Vegetables and Laurocerasus Officianalis share the symptoms of coldness and weakness.

When a baby is removed from the mother in order to be resuscitated in an incubator, bonding is deeply affected. This, in turn, leads to abandoned feelings - STRAMONIUM is not the only remedy for this symptom.

The life trajectory is blocked by such a combination of symptoms and the sufferer can only break out once LAUROCERASUS OFFICIANALIS is given. I have found it to be a vital remedy when only one twin survives in the womb - the cellular memory is so strong that, even if the patient has no conscious knowledge of this, this circumstance can have a life-long impact without the intervention of this remedy.

COUGH OF TUBERCULAR NATURE can result even years later and respond to this remedy in the circumstances. Often, there is a background of FRIGHT which is understandable given the primal trigger mentioned above. This can lead to SUDDEN LOSS OF MEMORY - this also can occur even years later.

LAUROCERASUS OFFICIANALIS is a useful remedy for 'LACK OF REACTION' cases as it is not an easy remedy to identify for a first prescription in a chronic case. Even if given years later, it can go back in time and work retrospectively. Once the lack of reaction has been identified, it may be possible to trace the illness back along the time-line, which will reveal the early compromising trigger to the progression of disease.

Due to the fact that LAUROCERASUS OFFICIANALIS contains HYDROCYANIC ACID, which in material form can lead to coma and death, it is a very DEEP-ACTING remedy and explains the remedy's action on the VAGUS NERVE, undermining the heart and lungs, as well as the gut and uterus. The VAGUS NERVE is rich in OXYTOCIN, the bonding hormone, and this remedy seems capable of stimulating oxytocin, which might explain its powerful action when a surviving twin feels their loss at such a deep cellular level.

LAURECERASUS OFFICIANALIS demonstrates that there is no such thing as a 'small remedy' - only a remedy limited in its proving. This often overlooked remedy could save the patient prolonged suffering way beyond the time of birth trauma, as well as those around them where there are strong enough indications for using it as outlined here.

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