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The benefits of Morphinum in treating painkiller dependency

On Saturday, 6th May, 2017, there appeared a leading article in the news section of the Guardian entitled 'Doctors call for action after prescriptions for addictive painkillers double in a decade'. It goes on to cite Harry Shapiro of the Drug Wise information service warning of the growing risks of addiction in the UK. He is quoted as saying that the increasing prescription of painkillers is leading to a 'public health disaster'.

Apparently, opioids act on different parts of the brain and nervous system, including the spinal cord to decrease feelings of pain, even after injury. Over time, opioids can actually make people more sensitive to pain and, due to their propensity to create addiction, are hard to stop.

The remedy, Morphinum, apart from being derived from morphine, a member of the opioid family of remedies, is the most sensitive to pain of all the remedies in the materia medica and has a marked propensity towards addiction in its picture. This means it could easily be used in these cases to support weaning the patient off the drug to treat the withdrawal symptoms as well as easing the pain at the same time. Not only can these factors be addressed in this way, but also the patient can be supported concurrently in their actual craving for the drug which underpins the case in the first instance. This is usually rooted in some childhood trauma which has remained unresolved and culminates in this particular state. This can later be explored by the homeopath in the case-taking once the dependence on the drug by the patient has been addressed.

Morphinum has lack of moral feeling in its emotional picture so helps match the slippery slope of illicit behaviour, which can pave the way for hardcore drugs induced by the painkiller addiction further down the line. This pattern of behaviour could so easily be the natural progression in these patients. High potencies can be prescribed from 200c and above. This is because the remedy is often well indicated in these cases and usually its indication dates back a long time in their history, finally manifesting in this way. Morphinum is a very much under-used remedy and, in fact, the remedy Opium is often mistakenly prescribed in such cases. However, Opium tends to experience painlessness as opposed to over-sensitivity to pain which is so marked in the picture of Morphinum cases, as illustrated above

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