A rare remedy in the age of Antibiotic Resistance

At a time when antibiotic resistance is becoming a growing threat, I started to focus my mind on possible homeopathic alternatives. In this quest, I came across a plant remedy called 'Prunella Vulgaris', which is known in herbal medicine as 'Self Heal'. This name could not be more evocative in the context of its ability to go deep in the organism to address disease. It is a member of the Mint family of remedies and Mentha Piperata (peppermint) - the most quintessential in that constellation of nearly 30 remedies - shares similar affinities with Prunella Vulgaris, such as the head, lungs, skin, stomach and throat. According to Robin Murphy's Nature's Materia Medica (1), Culpeper is quoted as




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